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You've found your answer for professional residential and commercial carpet cleaning. Count on Dennis the Janitor for steam cleaning, deodorizing, spot removal, and more. Call Karen at Dennis the Janitor to schedule an appointment.

Our services

When our team pulls in, the dirt pulls out

  • Condos, cabins, lake homes, apartment, homes and offices

  • Wall-to-wall carpet cleaning

  • Deodorizing

  • Steam cleaning

  • Kids and pet safe cleaning

  • Mike will thoroughly clean your carpets with our low residue method of steam cleaning

  • Minor carpet repairs

  • Free bottle of Dennis the Janitor SPOT OUT  carpet spotter with any service

If your home has a damp and an unpleasant smell or is looking worn, your carpets are likely the culprit. Carpets attract and hold allergens, dirt, dust, and more.


You can rely on the team at Dennis the Janitor to create a fresher, healthier, and cleaner home or business. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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Call us now: 651-639-0016

Refresh your home or business with clean carpets

Get quality carpet cleaning services when you choose our experienced team.

Dennis the Janitor has been in business for

50 years. Any spots or stains not removed in our cleaning process will be worked on with our years of experience and our vast array of isolated spotters


Our process

1. Mike will walk through your home with you and find out exactly what you need and give you a price .

2.  Carpet will be pre-vacumed to remove any loose or dry soil.

3. A pre-spray will be applied to all areas to be cleaned, this prepares the fibres for the cleaning process and loosens up spots.

4. pre-spray will be agitated and worked in to further loosen soil and spots.

5. Carpet will be thoroughly extracted with our truck mounted steam cleaner,and we will take the time to get it as dry as possible.

6. Any spots not removed with our normal cleaning process will be worked on to the best of our ability.

7. Carpet will be groomed to set the nap of the carpet so it dries faster and looks nice.

8. We will let you know we are finished and walk thru with you if you choose.

9. We accept checks,visa, and master card.